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acoustic leak detection

Ever heard of acoustic leak detection? No? Well, you need to listen then. For leaks that is. But not all leaks are plain to hear for the naked ear. Some leaks are very treacherous and can keep on dripping for a long time, causing lots extensive damage and costing a fortune in water loss. With acoustic leak detection you can save yourself a lot of worry, and potentially also money. Hidden leaks can be detected with the aid of special detection equipment and the procedure is not invasive so, really, it's an easy solution to a potential problem.

Detect leaks

DO you have problem with high water bills and it seems that you have a leak somewhere? Well, you are not alone and to be honset with you, it is not that easy to handle with. May I just say that a leak detector might be the solution to your problems? I believe that more people should try to check if there is a leak somewhere in the house and in that way being able to track it down. This would of course mean that you might have to dig up a tube that might be broken but that is ...